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Information about stripper heads

Information about stripping heads with carbide blades:

The stripper head consists of a body with three blades. Due to centrifugal forces the blades of the rotating head close around the wire. The precise adjustment required for any particular wire diameter is carried out by means of a stop screw, which also prevents damaging the conductor. An adjustable stop pin permits the presetting of any desired stripping length.

The various stripper heads are easily exchangeable and ensure clean wire ends for all types of varnished round wires from 0.2 to 8.5mm diameter.
Stripper heads for other types of insulation are also available.

All heads can be equipped with guide discs. These discs increase the cutting pressure and co-ordinate the three blades better. The results are less wire breakage by thin wires and longer blade life time.

Life cycles of well adjusted carbide blades are more than 10’000 stripping operations and after, blades can be reground easily.

For stripper heads with diamond blades look at HP diamond stripper heads.

For enamelled wire: Type KG
Type KG
For thermoplast wire: Type PVC
Type PVC
Guide discs for all sorts of stripper heads:
for all sorts of stripper heads

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