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Isomap IIBIsomap IIB

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Isomap IIB

The successor model to the Isomap II

This new wire stripper replaced Isomap II. All cutting heads and accessories can also be used with the new device.

Isomap II

for round wires from Ø 0.2 to 8.5mm

power300W / 230V
under tension100%
weight incl. stripper head1280gr.
length incl. protective sleeve280mm




Stripper heads for Isomap IIB

stripper heads for Isomap II

for round wires from Ø 0.2 to 8.5mm


Technical data

stripper head typewire Øinsulationstripping lengthguide disc
KG0 – II0.2 - 0.75mmenamelledmax 53mm23492320
KG1 – II0.75 - 1.5mmenamelledmax 53mm23632321
KG2 – II1.5 - 2.5mmenamelledmax 53mm23642322
KG3 – II2.25 - 4.5mmenamelledmax 53mm23652323
KG4 – II4.0 - 8.0mmenamelledmax 53mm23662324
KG4 – II plus6.0 - 8.5mmenamelledmax 53mm23622319
PVC1 – II- 2.5mmthermoplastmax 53mm23672325
PVC2 – II1.0 - 4.5mm thermoplastmax 53mm23682326


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