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HP-Diamant-MesserköpfeHP diamond stripper heads

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High Precision Stripper Heads with Diamond blades

High Precision Stripper Heads with Diamond blades

High precision stripping heads equipped with diamond blades were developed for coil winding machines. These heads have a long lifetime and reduce machine down times. With well adjusted heads we guarantee more than one million cycles, before regrinding  the blades.

For regrinding and maintenance the heads are sent back to us to guarantee the correct shape, reassembly, ongoing precision and therefore longest possible lifetime.

The range of wire diameters reaches from 0.1 to about 1.5mm. The standard HP- DIA stripper head is equipped with a stop screw to adjust the wire diameter, the stop of the HPM- DIA head is adjusted with a micrometer screw. Please see the picture.

Our HP-DIA stripper heads are used by manufacturers like TANAC, AUMANN, METEOR, etc.
Since every coil winding machine manufacturer has his own layout, we supply mainly the stripper heads and let the customer’s engineers design the infrastructure and drive set up for their systems. Of course we assist the customer when it comes to detailed questions of feed and speed or enamel scrap disposal.


High Precision Stripper Heads with Diamond blades

stripper head typewire Ø partnumberremarks
HP-DIA KG 00.2 - 0.75 mm2406
HP-DIA KG S0.2 - 0.75 mm2411Special shape of cutting edge.
HP-DIA KG A0.1 - 0.75 mm2402High accuracy for very thin wires.
HP-DIA KG 10.5 - 1.5 mm2403
HPM-DIA KG 00.2 - 0.75mm2405Special body for stop with micrometer screw. Please see picture.
HP-DIA KG B0.5 - 2mm2415Especially small blades on slim knife holder for closely spaced coil ends.


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Special Stripper Heads

This HP diamond stripper head was specially developed for small coils with closely spaced ends (up to 5mm distance between the ends).

Example for an application

HP-DIA stripper head with micrometerscrew